About Us


The Butte Parent Cafe is a fun, FREE family night out. Based on the Strengthening Families Framework and the Five Protective Factors, the Parent Cafe is a low key fun way to meet other parents and have great conversations focused on out families and our children. WE are not a parenting class but a new take on an age old situation, kids, family and life. Through the guided small group conversations we always focus on what is strong within our families and not on whats is wrong. So many people tell you what you need to change, not us.  WE all do the best that we can and we honor that.

Dinner and childcare are free for all in attendance. We are open to all in the community with a vested interest in the lives of children. We hold monthly Parent Cafe’s in Chico, Oroville, and Gridley.


No matter what your history is, no matter what your parenting situation is, foster, grandparent, adoption, removal of child or anything else; we do not judge, we do not tell you what you should do, we welcome you with open arms and an even playing field.


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